Mr Hankey’s EL REY ‘King of Dildos’: Size Large | 12.25 Inches

Material: 100% Silicone with 75% Softness


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Mr Hankey's EL REY 'King of Dildos': Size Large | 12.25 Inches The EL REY Dildo by Mr Hankey's at Clonezone is GORGEOUS. Nicknamed the 'King of Dildo's by Mr Hankey himself, this beautiful phallic-ass-fucker has been designed to wet the hungriest of appetites. Please note: EL REY doesn't come with the ball-attachment as shown in the 4th photo. Dimensions: Circumference near head: 7.25" Circumference near the middle: 8.75" Circumference near base: 8.00" Overall length: 12.25" Insertable length: 11.00" Material: 100% Silicone with 75% Softness